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Our Story

It started with a couple who have passion for food, and in love with the rich taste and warm-hearted fayre of Mediterranean kitchens, which stretches from Southern Europe to North Africa and The Middle East. They aim to combine their food journey with an Asian touch, and share it with world.

Tidbit Food Factory is where food is freshly prepared with love and local ingredients to guarantee rich and exciting flavors. We welcome you to share our culinary journey and to feel relaxed and inspired while enjoying one of Ubud’s lively spot from our terrace.

TidBit Food Factory features two floors of indoor seating with an open air concept in casual and vintage fusion décor. Free Wi-fi access, parking area and valet parking are available to all our guests.

Making a place for you and your friends to spend a time to remember is a primary purpose.

Tidbits founder
Fransiska & Ivo Gimidjiiski
Tidbit Food Factory Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment where good food is enjoyed in good company. Our menu is a selected collection of the best cuisine the Mediterranean region has to offer. It is mixed of Italian, Greek, Turkish and Moroccan, from tasty tapas to home cooking style menu. You will also find yourself indulge in a mouthwatering dessert. 

What we do at Tidbit Food Factory

Here we try to share our vision about food quality, our mission about customer’s satisfaction and introducing services that we provide for each one of you. Our food use only the best and freshest ingredients, grown on the paradise island of Bali, well combined with the delicious recipes of the Mediterranean. At Tidbit Food Factory, we pride ourselves on offering our guests genuine hospitality with a stylish and warm environment that's perfect for any occasion. We look forward to serving you again and again and we thank our "regulars" from the bottom of our hearts. 

Our Menu

Our menu offers a complete selection for seafood connoisseurs, meat lovers and vegetarians or vegans. TidBit’s signature menu includes Mediterranean Seafood Stew, Grilled Octopus and Falafel followed by the fresh healthy juices and smoothies or our alcohol selection list to heat up your night. Our baristas are ready to prepare a fine selection the Seniman Coffee range.

Tidbits dine

Tidbit Food Factory Team


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Contact us at info@tidbit-ubud.com or by phone +62 361 9081382 

Takeout and deliveries are also available, and now we are also available in GoFood, operated by Go-Jek.